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Welcome to MurderQuest!

A cozy, light LitRPG web serial about a girl with a cabin, and murder most foul.

Cover of Murder on the Minecart Express

Volume 1: Murder on the Minecart Express

Lexie Archer’s life needs a reboot.

And the remote village of Albatross Bay, where she’s just inherited a surprise shack from her famous [Mystery Writer] aunt, seems like the perfect place! But the reality of island farming is different than Lexie imagined, and while she waits for her crops to come in, she needs to make ends meet.

When the Albatross Bay Adventurer’s Guild puts up a quest on the local quest board to help promote their new training dungeon and attract adventurers to the small village, Lexie jumps at the chance to put some of her old [Junior Publicity Assistant] skills to good use.

But when an adventurer is murdered in the dungeon, jeopardizing everything the town has worked for, Lexie and her [Dungeon Liaison], the kobold Przemyslaw have to solve the murder and prove the monsters aren’t responsible before their dungeon license gets revoked.

Inspired by Stardew Valley, Murder, She Wrote, and Welcome to Nightvale, Murder on the Minecart Express contains light LitRPG elements, village slice-of-life, quirky locals, a kobold bakery, and murder most foul.

Cover illustration by Zari (